Thank you to Berkshire Health Systems for their leadership in creating education around the COVID-19 vaccine.

See the below video interview between BHS Chief Medical Officer – James Lederer, MD and OB/GYN and Chair of Maternal Child Health – Lauren Slater, MD. The topic of discussion is about COVID-19 and the safety and health of women, fertility and pregnancy.

Affiliate Reporting

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Berkshire Healthcare Vaccination Update

Al Ingegni, Berkshire Healthcare VP of Housing and Support Services, announces internal COVID-19 vaccination program through our own pharmacy – Integriscript.

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February 10, 2021 Update:

Berkshire Healthcare Vaccination Update

Berkshire Healthcare (BHCS) has been diligently facilitating COVID-19 vaccination clinics across all our skilled nursing facilities. We are very pleased to report that the number of residents and team members who have received the vaccination between December 18, 2020 and January 17, 2021, exceeds the national average as reported by the CDC for that same time period.

Our percentage of vaccinated residents is 5% greater than the national average of 77.8% at 82%. Our staff vaccination rate is more than 44% higher than the national average of 37.5% with 54% of staff taking the vaccine during our first clinics. As we continue hosting vaccination clinics, we are seeing an even greater acceptance rate among staff and residents within our skilled nursing facilities. Thank you to our residents and team members for working together to create an even safer environment for all!

January 12, 2021 Update

All Berkshire Healthcare Skilled Nursing affiliates have been provided the 1st round of the COVID-19 vaccine to staff and residents and the 2nd rounds are scheduled and beginning this week. Our Housing communities are scheduled as well and will be complete with round 1 before the end of January. This includes both our Assisted and Independent Living populations The clinics have been very organized and have being going well.

Vaccine Facts & Myths
Learn more about the facts behind COVID-19 vaccines:

An Updated Message on Vaccine Information, December 18, 2020

Berkshire Healthcare residents and staff at all affiliates throughout the state will begin receiving voluntary vaccinations on December 28, 2020. If a staff member or you/your loved one is residing in one of our Centers and has not yet informed administration of their intent to receive the vaccine, please do so. Please reach out to the Administrator, Director of Nursing or Social Worker.

Frequently Asked Questions about
COVID-19 Vaccination in Long-Term Care Facilities from the CDC

More Information about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Daily Covid-19 Data For All Affiliates

An Updated Message on Visitations, December 9, 2020:

As you know, we are now conducting routine COVID-19 testing on all staff. Per the latest guidance from the Department of Public Health, we are required to pause all indoor visits to a center when a center has any positive staff or residents. We are also required to place a hold on congregate activities or communal dining if our facility has any confirmed or suspected COVID cases in a resident or staff member. Approved visits and activities may resume when a center goes 14 days without any COVID cases. Please reach out to your center if you have any questions:

We realize that pausing visits and activities is a great disappointment to everyone, and we will update you on the status of visits as soon as we have more information. 

With the ongoing concern about the spread of Coronavirus and how it may impact our communities, the health and safety of our residents remain our top priority on all the campuses of Berkshire Healthcare Communities.

We will continue to provide you daily updates to our COVID-19 numbers.

As we continue to share the numbers and updates on our affiliates, we think it is equally important that the general public understands what we are doing to protect our residents, their families, and our staff – and ultimately the community itself – from further spread of the coronavirus.

We have undertaken all of the obvious counter measures to isolate and eliminate the threat of spread, such as prohibiting visitors and non-essential personnel, wearing PPE at all times around residents and staff, testing every day, isolating residents when necessary and maintaining a high level of sanitation on floors, walls and all surfaces throughout the day. But we are doing more than that, and our efforts often exceed the state’s mandates and occur before we have been asked, or ordered, to take additional protective steps.

We are administering over 600 PCR tests each week to our residents and staff. This too looks much different from what outbreaks looked like in the spring when testing was not initially available for staff, and residents were tested upon symptoms. As testing availability has increased, and turnaround times for results have shortened we are in possession of information much earlier in the virus’ trajectory including the identification of many individuals who are asymptomatic.

While many of these questions don’t have neat and tidy answers, we are attacking COVID-19 with everything we have in our arsenal. We are in frequent communication with our resident families and we are especially transparent with the public about the health status of our buildings and our residents and staff. We believe transparency is important as we fight this virus.

Additional Measures Being Taken:

  • We are actively reviewing updates from the CDC and local public health authorities
  • We are reinforcing infection control processes and emergency preparedness plans already in effect
  • We are regularly monitoring the health of our residents and staff
  • We are encouraging and supporting our staff to remain home when sick
  • We have limited or cancelled large group activities as appropriate
  • We are maintaining regular communication with residents, families, and staff

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We have created this webpage in order to help families and others stay up to date on our precautions and safety measures. We will continue to update and monitor this page on a regular basis.